Locket of Love and Luck
Locket of Love and Luck

Locket of Love and Luck

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Remember Ice Age?

All of creation, thousands of trees and entire forests that sprout from just a single acorn. So will your tiny wishes and dreams, they all possess the potential to grow into mighty oaks and forests if nurtured with passion and perseverance. Acorns signify luck, prosperity and growth. Coupled with Dandelion seeds you can consider this necklace a lucky charm for sure.

This pretty, handmade necklace has a locket encasing dandelion seeds almost like pixie-dust, topped with a real acorn cap from a mighty oak.

Makes for a perfect gift for your near and dear ones as the acorn is also considered to bring the wearer long life and good health.

Both Chain and Chord options are available so you can choose based on your style.

Product Specifications:

  • Locket size- 3 cm dia. Chord length: 16 inches
  • Magic Infusion: Dandelion seeds, Dried Acorn cap
  • Materials: glass orb, acorn cap, dandelion seeds, wax chord

Product Care:

  • Avoid showers or swims with the necklace as exposure to water may cause discolouration.
  • Handle the glass vials with care.
  • The Product comes packed in a small 3*3-inch cotton pouch

*Images are only for representational purpose, Each piece would be different as each acorn cap/ dandelions are different