Secrets of a Forest (Feather Fern)
Secrets of a Forest (Feather Fern)

Secrets of a Forest (Feather Fern)

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Spread on the feathery forest floor with leaves that resemble delicate lace, growing with all their grace these unfurling curls hide within them the precious secrets of a forest. The perfect keepsake for that one perfect friend, your forever confidante, who has always shared your stories and held your secrets.

Both Chain and Chord options are available so you can choose based on your style.

Product specifications:

  • Locket size- 3.3*2.3 cm (lxb), Chain length- 24 inches.
  • Magic infusion- Preserved Feather Fern Leaf
  • Materials- Brass Rim, Pressed fern leaf, resin, bronze chain

Product Care:

  • Avoid showers or swims with the necklace as exposure to water may cause discolouration to the metal part
P.S: Each piece is personally handcrafted making every locket unique and a tad different from one represented in photos. After all, each friendship is unique too!